Why Contact a Life Coach?

Why Contact a Life Coach?
Contacting a Life Coach means entering into a special relationship of respect, confidentiality, trust, peace and confidence.

The Life Coach is a professional who inspires his coachees (clients) to reach the goals that they wish to achieve.  The coach’s task is to support the coachee through his own emotions, expectations, aspirations and energies.  The coachee is the person who turns to the coach, the client.

The purpose of the life coach is to achieve a greater overall balance in life and the realization of the coachee’s dreams and goals. Coaching is not done by recommendations;  it does not assess; it never judges.  The coach offers no solutions, but helps the coachee to find “his” own solutions in line with his own aspirations, challenging him to take decisions that will give him a qualitative leap in his existence.

We compare the various moments of life (past and present) determining the changes you want to make for the future.  The coach helps the client to clarify which areas of life to improve, understanding the direction the client’s life is taking, and what needs to be improved.  In the case of the “diet coach” the path is aimed at improving physical fitness and the psycho-physical state which will cause the situation to improve, then weight loss.

This implicates improving self-image, self-esteem, health and lifestyle.  Life coaching can involves any area of life, how to change a harmful habit such as smoking, for example.  It can help improve moods, interpersonal relationships, emotions, family, increase one’s energy, and can help the client search for greater security.  In other words, it can make changes to improve the quality of life.  
Coaching is not therapy.  It might appear similar since it  focuses on past problems, but, instead, it helps the client to do the groundwork for bringing useful and productive changes in the future.  
The coach provides support to the coachee in finding the stimulus and the motivation to regain the mental and physical desire to change a personal situation and improve it.  Coaching helps the client to know his deepest desires and qualities. The coach is also considered a “mental trainer” and leads the coachee to bring out their full potential, and thereby bringing to life a quantum leap forward in quality.
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