Spiritual Soul Coaching is a process focused on the holistic system of communication all over oneself with the vital energy of the soul within, it’s always you. This includes the spheres of energy in all their entirety, namely: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The language of the soul is a language of light. It can be “seen”, “perceived” and “heard” through the inner senses as your intuition, instincts, dreams, synchronicity, and moments of rapture and enthusiasm.

As a life coach and spiritual coach, I pledge to work with you to see your ultimate goals made and met.  It’s your Divine birthright to live a loving, happy, prosperous, healthy existence that is unique to you and your power of choice, intention and connection.

As a Life Coach, I work closely with the divine nature of people and support your existing systems to perform a complete path through the world of soul and spirit to realize the best for you, free of external influences and judgment. Your life, your existence as well as what your true nature wants.

The only limitation is to enable or disable listening for one’s life or nature or inner light.

Together we work to break down those walls, to remove the ballast that keeps you from going inward toward the goal of your soul, the only path that leads you to live with joy and satisfaction the full realization of yourself.

Your life is different from any other, your job is unlike any other, your story is unlike any other.  No two people on Earth are identical, nor are their aspirations, desires, tastes the same. Everyone has his own road to travel.  Your way of light that will be different from everyone else’s way of light.

Soul Coaching helps you eliminate, brake down barriers or fears due to external influences and puts you back on YOUR true path.  It brings you back to be YOUR real self, allowing your talents, your skills, your true desires to emerge.  Soul Coaching will  lead you to true fulfillment in life.

Personally, I have held Channeling of the Soul classes for 20 years.  Channeling of the Soul allows you to get closer to your authentic self and its Supercon, part of the divine light which is part of us all.  We do not always listen to what we have learned because we are distracted by outside interferences… and that there are so many of them!  Be Yourself 100% is not only the title of a wonderful book by Wayne Dyer, which I read more than 20 years ago, but it is our purpose in life.  Life coaching is a path to achieving our personal goals in order to live a happy life.

Channeling and Life Coaching are two paths which lead to the same goal:  finding yourself, living your true life. You can walk the path of spiritual channeling, or the way of mental life coaching but the goal is always the same, being yourself 100%.

Spiritual Soul Coaching or Coaching is the path we take together both spiritually and mentally. You free yourself from fixed patterns and labels, from judgments and prejudices, to find yourself in your totality, body, mind, emotions and spirit.  This is what you are and reconnects you to Your Soul, which is the only true master you can have because it’s always you, it is the “authentic” you:  the real you!