• Do you know… What is the place for you, the area for you, ideal environment for you, ideal place and ideal area for you, the home for you?
  • Do you know where your energy, your personality is best suited for your life experience and your growth on this planet?
  • Do you know the place where you are totally in your own natural environment?


Of course, there is only “your man” or “your ideal woman”, or “your ideal job,” or “your ideal home” etc. … There is also your “Ideal City”.

You know that you have:
• a history of your own – to unfold
• your own karma – to purify
• all of your DNA – to free yourself
• your own entire evolutionary path – to improve
• your own unique design for life – to live
• your own unique energy vibration – to be raised
• your unique talents – to emerge
• your totally unique predispositions – to be developed
• Your mission – to practice


There are places where you like to stay and places where you do not like to be. Even certain areas of the city you live in are better for you than others, as well as houses, and  apartments.

But it’s not enough to understand where they want Your Soul to be.  You need to know where you’d be completely comfortable and can fully develop yourself.




Is there a place that is in harmony with you, yourself, in harmony with who you are and with your life?  In YOUR right place, where you feel comfortable, you will receive lots of energy.  If the place is not in tune with you,  you risk losing energy.

In the right place for you You’re better able to socialize, to make friendships, to have social relationships, to rest, have fun, work, earn money, to be successful, to meet the right partner.

In a place not in tune with your energy vibrations, none of this will happen either in quality or quantity.  If they do occur, they will occur only with greater effort on your part.  Maybe you try, but you won’t get the same quality results in your life.  In the wrong place, the risks of getting sick and being depressed while in that place increase.

It is also true that move coaching advice can find positive aspects and find the resources within you, wherever you are, and help you understand why you are in a place where maybe you think you do not feel good.  This depends on you,  or by the fact that the place where you find yourself is not the place you wanted to be or is not connected to your soul.
I do not believe in “casual coincidences” but I do believe in the “synchronicity of random events“. If you are in a certain place there is a reason, maybe you have to take a certain direction, but if you feel the place is not comfortable and feel the desire to leave, and if this feeling is insistent, it means that your Soul, Your energy, does not want to stay in that place.

Ignoring the needs of your soul (which is always you) by not listening to the message your feelings send and staying put, where you feel comfortable (perhaps family or economic ties hold you, perhaps for fear of change), may cause the onset of a physical disorder.
The message is clear:  your vital energy will not re-charge;  it is not in tune with the energy around you. Your insides are not in tune with the outside, and thus, you long for a place where outside and inside are in perfect harmony.



Move Coaching is different from Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a school that studies how to set the correct environment in harmony, combining  energy, home and garden.  In this case we refer to the environment for living your life, the ideal environment for your person.


This is not so strange. Let me give you some examples.  A fish lives in water. We can’t  just put a fish in water for it to live . The pH, alkalinity, salt-water balance, etc … must be in tune with the fish.


A freshwater salmon lives well in the cold waters of the Nordic countries, from Canada to Norway.  If you put a salmon in the southern warm waters or in salt water it will not survive.  Likewise, a tropical fish,discus tigrus, which lives nicely in warm water will not survive if you put it in cold water.  A tuna lives well at sea, when you throw it in a lake it won’t survive, unlike the carp or pike that live in fresh water and do not survive at sea because of the salt and predators they don’t know how to defend themselves against.  We could go on forever but I will stop here because I know you understand!

Even we humans are all different. The rules are not the same for everyone because each of us is a universe unto himself.




• Many people love the heat, they hate the cold, these people often prefer the summer, the sea and the warm countries of the south.

• But there are also people who do not like the heat.  These people prefer the type of fall and winter with snow and mountains and the northern countries.

• So some people prefer the heat, others prefer the cold, it may seem strange, but I assure you it is so!

• There are people who hate the rain and others who love it.

• There are people who love the East and others who love the West.

• There are people who love the culture of the north and people who love the culture  of the south.

• There are people who dream of living in the countryside, forests, lakes, beaches, farms, with animals. They are in contact with nature and the rhythms of nature.

• There are people who dream of living in smaller cities that are not very chaotic, neither too large nor too small.

• There are people who are comfortable in a metropolis, in a great international city. Nature, for them, is good for a holiday.  For everyday life, they feel that they have a metropolitan spirit.  They feel they have to be urban. That is their mission.



As you see we are not all equal. Everything depends on your personal story, on your attitude, the vibrations you emit, from the things you feel in tune with and certainly from your own karma.

Not everything depends on your habits or where you were born. Today people experience things and evolve more rapidly than in the past. We do many more things, we move more and more and with greater ease.   Ethnic and cultural exchanges have become strong and  immediate because of increasingly frequent trips.  This is  to say nothing of the internet, which has arrived everywhere and set in motion the whole world.

Personally I have lived in many places, in different parts of the world. I made many moves and transfers before I really understood what my Soul desired.  Although the right place had always been there, in order to understand it, I had to experiment.

Be careful of your desires.  Don’t be conditioned by them, as they can make mistakes. There are many questions and ideas to be addressed in order to understand where you can feel regenerated. The climate, the smells, the density, the mentality, the times, the lifestyle, your history and the history of the place.

Your place is different from any other place on Earth. Otherwise, we would all occupy the same place!  And your place doesn’t necessarily have to be the same one where you were born.  We often hear of doing multiple experiments.  Particularly in the era of global communication.




What do you have here?  What can you take with you?  What do you let go of?  What do you not want to leave behind?  What will you find?  What will you give up?  What can you do without?  What can you NOT do without?  What will you have less of?  What will you get more of?  What will enrich you?  How do you feel now? How do you think you’ll feel after? What you have to fight for to change your life and to live YOUR LIFE.

When you are in the place where your soul awaits you, you will be  energetically in harmony.  Your mind, body and spirit will be in harmony with everything that surrounds you.  You CAN be happy, full of energy and on your way to fulfilling your life’s mission.

Do you know what your ideal is?
Do you know WHERE you want to be to enjoy your life?
It may be on the other side of the planet or just a short distance from where you are now, maybe it is in another area or another apartment.

Life is too precious, do not let it go to waste, fulfill your dreams!