The difference between people with great financial resources and people who give up because they have little money, it is not a big bank account, it is in their mind. All the best trainers in the world who claim to be “quirky” should be a MIND TO BE RICH.

Donald Trump says “The secret is: THINK IN GREAT” Sure, but how?

To be “financially free” must have or be able to create first of all a MIND that is “financially free“. The money in the bank account or properties or companies, paradoxically, they do not come to people because money attracts money (in theory could be so but analyzing the process it’s not exactly so) in fact the money are coming because in their management, are only RICH MINDS to attract or create money.

There are MILLIONS of people who would like to have more money, they would stop having problems for payments, they would be able to afford more things like moving house or a new car, or travel in beautiful tropical beaches, or some other desire as “material“, it’s good to desire it.

And so they give so much to do to try to get more money but cannot get out of their situation because, unfortunately, start at a disadvantage.

That is, they rationally want to BE MORE RICH, but in their unconscious mind, energy, atavistic, the cellular memories of all their limbic system, unfortunately is programmed to THINK TO BE POOR. Even if they want to be RICH rationally.

If you want to start working on a personal level and mental health in order to have a lot of money in a bank or several banks and have a more comfortable life the only real solution is effective CHANGE your MIND and your believers, abandon MIND FROM POOR TO RICH and start THINKING, THINK like RICH people, beginner to have a RICH MIND.

  • Money Coaching helps you to change your unconscious beliefs and turn them to the best
  • Money Coaching helps you to start thinking from RICH, reasoning by RICH
  • Money Coaching helps you change your financial situation first internally and then externally.