Mom Coaching


If you were to choose one word to describe your child, what is the first word that comes to mind?  Some of us may use words such as:  funny, kind, gentle, intelligent, playful, affectionate and sweet.  Sometimes, however, we might label our children as: lazy, disorganized, distracted, disobedient, or something else . What kind of labels do you want your child to have or to think of himself with when he grows up? Before you label your child with an identity, it is useful to think of all the strengths of the child. Try looking at the features that have created his traits.  Stop for a moment before judging those traits. Are they  good or bad?  Right or wrong?  It  is important to recognize the way in which a mother makes her child unique and special.

Words are powerful.  No mother would intentionally cause suffering in her children, but sometimes due to stress or other reasons she might happen to say things without thinking about the emotional impact these words will have on the growth of the children.   Our children will live with the labels that their parents and teachers have placed on them.  As adults these beliefs about  identity can sometimes be  difficult to remove.  Think of some of the beliefs — positive or negative — that define you, as you  see  yourself today.
A negative approach with a hyperactive child, for example, may be to judge his behavior as “bad.”  A positive approach would be to use instead a constructive channel, one that would then help him to use his energy in a positive way and see his dynamism as a constructive tendency.

The next time someone starts to label your child according to his identity, think about the impact this will have on the child.  Is this a brand that allows your child to  be all that he or she was created to be?  Probably not, but he feels as others see and judge him  and will tend to identify with the expectations of adults, unfortunately, these expectations are not desirable.  Rather, help your child to grow strong and sure of himself, to develop his natural inclinations, his talents, his potential.

Relying on a Coach is a support for the mother, it is useful to have that help needed to raise your child without guilt, healthy and strong and able to deal with his life.  Without that, your child suffers from the mistakes that were made ​​frequently in the past — as we see in our society today.  You are definitely a good mom probably very attentive, and that’s why you turn to the support of a coach for moms.

In the USA the figure of the “coach for moms” is called “mom coach” and is very widespread.