Program type for Life Coaching or Personal Coaching
* We set goals and then we focus on the result to be achieved, when to reach it, and how soon.
A time limit is necessary for developing a serious program of “useful and productive action for change and the achievement of” the objective.
* It focuses on what the benefits obtained will be once the goal has been reached, and the benefits in every area of the coachee’s life.  What are the motivations that drove the coachee to want to reach the goal of global improvement. What are the positive changes to make in order to bring about the improvement in the quality of life, work, interpersonal relations, etc. … at the level of the emotional state. 
* It organizes a program that NLP calls “action plan.” An effective, enjoyable and doable program is designed for the client.  “Life coach” support also serves to highlight the coachee’s talents and potential, expressing their qualities, enhancing their skills through resources and personal preferences for better quality of life and a higher self-esteem.  The coach’s task is to motivate the person to take those actions which help the clients to find an optimal balance in their lives in tune with what their desires are and, if required, in a specific sector.
* Periodically we check the results to verify the improvements and make necessary  process refinements. The improvements are useful to motivate the coachee. It’s important to check periodically the results obtained to facilitate and motivate the path toward changing the psycho-physical state or something related to a specific situation. It’s very important to have a guide to give support, enthusiasm, and motivation to help the coachee continue moving towards achievement of the desired end result.