The first session of Coaching

The appointment for the first session of life coaching  is made after a few phone calls and / or contacts received via e-mail.  During the coaching session, a mutual understanding is established and created between the personal coach and the person who has turned to the coach.  A person turns to a life coach in order to make positive changes to their life, regain self-esteem, self- interest, energy and motivation and to get support in achieving their personal goals by focusing on a particular outcome that the coachee would like to achieve.  
We guarantee absolute confidentiality as trust and confidence are the foundation of a good collaboration.  During the first meeting, we will discuss the client’s current overall situation, or situation involving a specific area requested by the coachee.  We will analyze how we got to current situation.  Past experiences, or steps, and other information relating the personal story about the client’s emotions, feelings, moods and behavior. 
 We’ll evaluate the client’s current habits and beliefs, in case they are limiting, so that he or she can review them in order to improve them and make them empowering.  The first  session will evaluate the current expectations based on this decision to change.  After the first session, we will start planning the real job of coaching through cooperation and mutual empathy, aimed at getting the client to approach the hoped-for ideal in the specified area. The meetings can last from an hour to 2 hours, or longer if necessary.
Frequency of meetings:


Generally, coaching takes place through meetings between a coach-coachee on a fortnightly basis (about 2 monthly meetings).  
The path is customized to the coachee and the situation and may also take place on a weekly or monthly basis.  
Direct contact is also maintained through e-mail (included in the report) in which the coachee, if he so desires, may write personal thoughts, emotions, changes obtained, results, etc. … It is also possible to alternate coaching sessions in the studio with coaching sessions online.


Life Coach Studios:
·                     in London – UK – usually
·                     in Milano – IT – sametime
Life coaching Online on SKYPE in audio/video from all place you are now, very easy, pratical and comfortable. 
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