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    I would also describe the souiatitn as is then ask the question: what impact do you think this is having on the team’s ability to achieve its objectives? On the assumption that the team agrees that the absences may prevent it from achieving its objectives, I would ask the team to think about how the problem could be overcome. It may be that the team or team members need to meet with the offending team members to establish why they have been absent.

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    Thanks for shrgnia. Always good to find a real expert.

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    Chief, I have no problem with DC bars. But for football purposes I need a place with Sunday Ticket that isn’t overrun with douchetastic interns or anyone affiliated in anyway with Georgetown University. Also, walking > Meo.rrConsideting the popularity of Sunday brunch, I’m stunned that more people aren’t drinking Bloody Marys during the 1pm games. High in vitmains, alcohol, and horseradish.

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