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    Issues like this are interesting. I say that beascue the control of the banking industry belongs to the United States Senate. The Senate has oversight responsibility. The Senate has Committees (i.e. The Money and Banking Committee) that it has created to do its work. So if this is such a great and grave issue, why arent you holding your elected officials feet to the fire? Why aren’t these elected officials doing their work and fulfilling their oversight responsibility. We need a bill passed that holds the banks/credit unions/lenders/credit card institutions/state government/federal government accountable for the loss of personal information. If the cost of irresponsibility for each person involved was a million dollars, the cost of providing the security would become very reasonable for the institution in question.

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    That means more taxes and less liberty..for us.Mr Ford does not care.If inttrnaeional forces taxed him 70% he will still be a multi millionaire..(and live like one, burning up lots of energy with big homes and many plane rides )on the other hand I and many others wouldend up paying through the nose with our small businesssBut of course Mr Ford is one of the elite just like Al Gore and all the rest..All for the sake of a computer generated global warming scare..The Russian Scientists arent under any politically correct thumb and many of them are talking about global cooling.

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