Life Coaching Online

The coaching takes place online via the ‘use of messenger, usually with SKYPE video calls.
At the link below you can also listen to the audio version of “Why online is better?”

Why Online? Online courses and online coaching?
If you have different preferences, you can also use SKYPE or Google Plus, we can find online through video-call that you like and wherever is most comfortable for you. We use audio and possibly web-cam if you wish.

The online coaching is as effective as coaching in the studio (besides being more convenient) as it is a direct contact in any case (just you and me) and is very used in the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan.

The online coaching is extremely effective because we operate:
• your state of life and emotional state bringing up and that will be most useful
• about your current situation and improve it to unlock it
• the achievement of your goals
All this is possible while remaining comfortably at home or in your office.
The online coaching has the following ADVANTAGES:
• results in a substantial saving of time and energy
• results in cost savings
• offers a real chance to begin a coaching course even though we are at long distances.
Some coachees who are following a path of coaching with me can be found at many hundreds of miles from my office and are in regions far away from Milan, and through online coaching we can still do the coaching sessions.

During the coaching online, we will put relevant questions for you about your situation that will lead to improve your status and to understand what your potential. Also I’m sending you through the messenger chosen by you or your e-mail files and relaxation exercises are important for you to improve your current situation.

The online coaching has a lower cost of coaching in the studio and in addition to being as effective as the cost of a session is Pounds 80 for a full coaching typically lasts 1 hour, but even if it lasted more (eg 1 hour and 1 / 4 the first time) that’s okay.
If you want to fix in advance online coaching sessions 3 hour each, for example, weekly or bi-monthly, the cost is discounted by 20%

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The online coaching is done by appointment jointly agreed in advance on the day and at the time that is most comfortable for you.
The questions that I ask you to bring before the coaching session online with are these:
• Are you willing / a follow the techniques for improvement in this process that you may give good results?
• Are you willing / a follow exercises that will give you between a coaching session and the next session, to help improve your life and your current situation, to go towards the condition you want?
• Are you willing / a choose a quiet moment of your day and in an environment where you are totally relaxed and at ease to perform exercises to improve your life?
• Are you aware that you must act to change things in a different way and believe in yourself / a?
• Are you ready / for a change?

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