Greetings for a Great 2014


The world we live in is filled with things that glitterMost of humanity is hypnotized by a false perception created by the ego that tells us that something on the outside is needed to validate our existence and self-worth. It keeps us comparing ourself to others and lusting for some “thing” that could fill the empty space within us.

The world of perception can change in an instant. 
It is based on the feeling response generated by our five senses as they unlock the memory of past wounds and fears. This reality has no basis in what is real, it seeks only to gratify desires on the material level of reality. 

In doing so it keeps us in whatever pattern we are repeating based on our DNA and personality blueprint. Our culture is largely built upon a material reality that is headed up by celebrities and other public figures who benefit from playing to the perception of the collective ego, both consciously and unconsciously. If it were to appeal to the Center of our being, there would be no celebrity. 

The very idea of worship of other souls goes against the nature of Gratitude. 

Gratitude is unifying, awe keeps us divided based on the idea that one is greater or more important than another. This year, 2014, is a year of verification and alchemy. 

It is a year to invest in what is real within our Self. Our investment of time, energy and attention is the alchemical fire that will create the pure gold of awakened Consciousness needed to take the next step on our journey. Everything in the world of perception is neutral and can be used according to our level of understanding of this reality. The key is to unplug without judgment from whatever it is that keeps us bound to the idea of being incomplete. 

Love and Forgiveness are the answer to our feeling of lack. To forgive is to release one from karmic patterns permanently, and Forgiveness opens the door for the experience of Universal Love ~ the Love that knows not limitation.

~Shannon Port l Artists ~ Bob and Marie Bretz

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