Change Coaching

Change Coaching
What can you do now to get what you want?

Many of us have levels of negative thoughts about ourselves and our own potential, self-weakening patterns and limiting belief systems, that we often learned during childhood and through life experiences.  Some of our thoughts and beliefs do not help us and often block our highest potential.  If support and resources are not available, we may feel stuck and continue creating and perpetuating that very same thing we do not want or fear. Often there are situations that are repeated cyclically, like with a  hamster wheel. These situations that give us the feeling of being “problematic” and continue to be repeated in the workplace, economic, sentimental, with friends etc. …

Sometimes the specific situations in the field of Coaching Change are defined:

  • Love Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Family Coaching
  • Move Coaching

Change coaching helps to guide you to your path to fulfillment, to the discovery of self, and to change.  It helps you resolve old problems in your life so that certain situations do not repeat themselves.  It helps with personal growth and maturation in the requested area (sentimental , economic, etc.).  Thus restoring peace with your unconscious mind and its patterns which lead to your own inner freedom and the creation of your life.  By clarifying and recognizing your inner relationship with yourself, you can then see how your self-image, because it has turned inward and created the image of yourself to others and the world around you, thus influencing your own relationships with the outside world and with others. With positive reinforcement and implementation of daily practices and disciplines of change, you can release the negative thought patterns and achieve a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit. We then have the opportunity to create a truly fulfilling life for ourselves. This is the key to the creative power that is available within each of us.

Coaching serves to motivate us to begin the action of change. The ultimate goal of coaching is to help create a happy, healthy and satisfying Life.  Change & Life Coaching is a relationship between the coach and coachee to change your life. If you are ready to be a conscious creator of your own existence, I invite you to explore the experience of coaching as a path from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s your path of self-change.

Love Coaching:  Love Coaching – Coaching for Relationships.   We live in an particular era as regards interpersonal relationships and emotion. We are not always prepared for this large number of single people, divorced, with or without children.   This frustration can be transformed into satisfaction through a good set of  Love Coaching.  Do you tend to repeat similar situations?  Do you tend to encounter the same kind of person? Do you meet people who are already in a relationship?  Do you not see the way to fulfill your relationship?  Do you think you are mis-understood by the opposite sex?  Do you feel you receive less love than you offer them? Have you lost faith in men or women?  It’s time for you to change your story!  Through Love Coaching you can change thought patterns that lead to repeating similar emotional situations so that you can get to where you want to go. It’s time to realize that the solution is not outside of you but is within you.  With new confidence in yourself, you will trust others, trust in love you can give and receive.  It is like wearing another pair of glasses which permit you to see clearly how your future can be and realize ”I am in a new way!”

Business Coaching: Through coaching aimed at improving your career,  you will find motivation and inner drive to accomplish work on better terms.  In Business Coaching you are not given advice on how to invest your savings.  The coaching we are going to do together is directed at your professional fulfillment, goals related to your career and your work, improving your image and to working together to increase your mental training.

Family Coaching: A guided tour for the whole family, to solve problems or to understand why your child does not make it in school as you’d like, or your husband ignores you, or your wife makes claims that you are not able to satisfy.  Sometimes the answers are within ourselves and that’s where we find the solutions to many problems life presents us.  Family Coaching helps you better understand your loved ones and go towards them.

Move Coaching: is a path that helps the cochee to face change:  a change of home, a change of city, a change of country, a change of nation, a separation, a divorce.  It is a cut from the old, TOWARDS A NEW LIFE! How best to address the change and feel a sense of rebirth, like throwing away the old and now-useless past.  How to look at the new situation and create a new life.

My role as a COACH to you is to

* Listen and give support
* Ask questions to clarify (useful for your change process)
* Share your experiences
* Share your inner and outer resources
* Make you reflect on thoughts and your current beliefs
* Offer different perspectives, the ability to evaluate other points of view
* Give you the confidence and motivation to make your own decisions
* Help you to accept yourself as you are (self) so that you want to accept your past
* To form an alliance with you to help you create the life you want to have
* Assist you through practical exercises of change
* Confidentiality and total respect for you and your involvement in the choices

What Coaching is NOT

Coaching does not mean a cure, but it gives people the means to change their mood, their mental models, their beliefs, in and out.  It means to improve and enhance people’s lives.
Coaching is not therapy.  A coach works with a client who is fully aware of the path he wants to take.
The Coach does not provide the answers, nor advice. The coach helps the coachee to find the answers and bring out its potential.
Coaching is not counseling.  Whether you believe it or not, the answers are already inside of you.  A coach uses his experience, his ability and his skill to help the client find their own answers.
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