65 guidelines to control your ego and realize your soul

65 guidelines to control your ego and realize your soul
  • 1 . Do not turn a pain in suffering : let it come , let it go , do not you grab him.
  • 2 . Be who you are in the present, leave the past behind , do not carry guilt.
  • 3 . Delete all the anxiety for the future.
  • 4 . Prepared to work for your evolution until the last moment of your life.
  • 5 . Do not accountable to anyone : be your own judge .
  • 6 . Learn to criticize and even reward yourself.
  • 7 . Every night, before going to sleep , review your day and judge your actions objectively.
  • 8 . If you want to triumph , he learns to fail.
  • 9 . Do not be defined by what you own .
  • 10 . Do not turn a business or another reason to be in your life: just surrender to your life , you do not delegate power.
  • 11 . When you talk with someone does not stop until he has expressed his idea . While you listen not to contradict or approve it mentally : listen without judgment. When it ends, you freely , considering what he said and react as your conscience tells you .
  • 12 . Do not compromise with ideas in which you do not believe , even for the need to get a job.
  • 13 . Do not give advice without first warning : ” According to what I believe and what I know, clean of mistakes.”
  • 14 . Do not say anything without saying at the end ” Up to that point, on that date and at that place .”
  • 15 . Do not talk about yourself without grabbing the opportunity to change .
  • 16 . Do not talk about you as if you were a limited extent, always thinks of acting as if it did not exist individually , that what you do is face pushed by a collective force .
  • 17 . Only by accepting that there is nothing you will be master of everything .
  • 18 . Transformed into a total sacrifice.
  • 19 . Stop talking ill of others or the world, when they ask you your opinion about something or someone are his qualities. If you do not find the quality , shut up .
  • 20 . Do as often as possible positive acts for others and the world at free of charge and anonymous.
  • 21 . When you get sick , instead of hating this evil , consider your teacher.
  • 22 . Accept without envy the values ​​of the other.
  • 23 . Not to mention your voice echoing in my head, or in the nose or throat , make it resonate in your chest : it uses the voice of the heart.
  • 24 . Do not touch the body of the other to fetch something or to lower it : tap it to accompany it.
  • 25 . Do not look with one eye , look always direct .
  • 26 . Come on, it does not require to receive .
  • 27 . Do not make anyone feel guilty and agree that you are responsible for everything that happens to you.
  • 28 . Do not forget the loved ones who have died, but their limited space that prevents them from invading your life.
  • 29 . In the place where you live make a small place to the sacred.
  • 30 . What ever in your kitchen there is dirt or disorder.
  • 31 . When you offer a service not complain or highlight your efforts if you choose to help or to work for another , do it with pleasure without waiting for recognition .
  • 32 . If you promise , keep .
  • 33 . If you doubt between doing and not doing , choose to do, accepting the possibility of failure.
  • 34 . Do not define no one for his race , nor for her sex, nor for his profession , nor for his ideas , just do not define .
  • 35 . Do not imitate copy it , absorb and transform .
  • 36 . Stop asking and start to thank.
  • 37 . Do not try to be everything to someone, you give the freedom to seek another one that you can not give him. Give yourself this right.
  • 38 . When you make an application does not obligate you to answer : you can keep quiet, make a gesture or replace the answer with another question .
  • 39 . To get something , you really want to get it.
  • 40 . Treat others as wish you were treated .
  • 41 . If you do not want to make mistakes , never reach perfection.
  • 42 . If you do not have faith and you want to get , listen to your heart.
  • 43 . When someone is triumphing in front of an audience is not going to contradict him in his territory with the goal of stealing the public.
  • 45 . Build your space and your audience .
  • 45 . In someone else’s house eating in moderation.
  • 46 . Where have invited you , always go with a gift.
  • 47 . Lives of the money earned by himself with pleasure.
  • 48 . Do not decorate with the ideas of others .
  • 49 . Do not take pictures with celebrities.
  • 50 . Do not boast of amorous adventures .
  • 51 . Leave your habits , physical, sexual , emotional and mental , is constantly looking for change.
  • 52 . Do not boast of your sympathy with weakness.
  • 53 . Ever see someone just to fill your time .
  • 54 . In conversations not about you or temporary events , discussing topics .
  • 55 . At least once a day sit still, stopping your words , your emotions and your desires : observe the inner happen as if you were sitting on the bank watching the river flowing .
  • 56 . Do not prevent your children to go farther than you, accept the way that they choose .
  • 57 . Never criticize their loved ones.
  • 58 . Let them grow how and where they wish .
  • 59 . Do not disguise with false personality that you admire .
  • 60 . Ask for the pleasure of doing and not for what action can make you earn .
  • 61 . Get to share .
  • 62 . If someone tells you that you made ​​a mistake and he’s right , I do not discuss and immediately recognize this error.
  • 63 . Never give a gift then worrying about what it will be he who receives it .
  • 64 . If you talk to people such cells do not trust , do not breathe through your mouth. Keep it closed and breathe only through the nostrils .
  • 65 . Do not answer “Not true ,” best day “I think another thing .”
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  2. Dear Freda:Thanks for the encouraging words. Ming is my new hero. I have lnaeerd so much from her as I did from you. I still remember the time we first met 37 years ago. I just noticed you because you are such a good church choir. I used to do bible study and go to church when I first came to the States. I just love the community feeling.You are right. We need to constantly re-invent ourselves by engaging new ideas and new friends. The key is to experiment with open mind.We are not built with fixed mindset. Whenever I heard people said they cannot change, I felt they have lost the opportunity to experience life fully. Change is only a mindset to re-enforce your risk taking ( losing face/failure ) and feel you can control your destiny, for good or for bad. You take the full accountability of becoming a better you.I think you have done a great work by bringing up two fine young people. I also believe now is the time you should do something crazy with Tony so you can be the person you never know. Keep the positive energy flowing,Ping

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