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Life Coaching

Life Coaching
Online life coaching via Skype is made by video call in audio/video and it has a realistic and a full interaction between life coach and client. Life coach will ask to you same useful questions to help you reflect and shed light on your situation. You will learn same techniques of emotional freedom customized to solve your problem and find solutions to achieve your goal. It takes you from where you are, at home, in the office, on the road. Just need your pc or your tablet, Skype, and we can meet for a session of professional life coaching online.
Life Coaching
Live life coaching takes place in office to the London office of C4. It can also be done in another place, in a a lounge of a hotel, in a park, or in a tea room. In life coaching live in the classic mode you interact live with your life coach. During the sessions you will speak about your problem to solve, then you will learn the techniques of emotional freedom to get out of your problem and have a new vision of yourself and your life. The purpose of life coaching is to change your situation, improve your
life, to bring out the best of yourself.

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